During the 5 weeks of the program, participants receive all the tools, advice and exercises to prevent and help cure back problems, regardless of their nature. The program has proved its worth since 2007, it is easily taught in a clinic and is designed for groups of up to 8 participants.

The program content is entirely evidence-based:

  • Enforcing good movement strategies
  • importance of the neutral position
  • correcting daily bad habits
  • correcting bad posture and sleeping positions
  • workplace ergonomics
  • complete and progressive exercise program focusing on
    • stabilization
    • strengthening
    • mobility
    • muscle flexibility
    • return to sports

The program is covered by most insurance companies.

A simple «Key-in-hand», unique and very profitable concept!

Your starting package

To become a program instructor, you must purchase the starting package that includes:

  • 25 participant manuals (a 60 page book) summarizing all the tips and exercises taught in the program)
  • 1 to 5 teacher manuals (same book as the participant, but it includes detailed teaching instructions for each session of the program)
  • 25 portable metronomes (gift given to participants to help them maintain a pace of 180 steps/minute)
  • A complete marketing kit to help you promote the program in your area (brochures, plasticised poster, personalized advertising to put on your website, in magazines or specialty running shops, etc.) Everything to help you make the program popular in your area, and thus, increase your customer base.
  • An hour-long web conference to become familiar with how to teach the program and materials in the starting package
  • A teaching license for you or your clinic (max 5 instructors per clinic)
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