A safe transition to minimalist running!

The PhysioTIPS Running Program is taught to small groups of runners by running specialists certified by The Running Clinic.

Whether you are a beginner, experienced, injured or healthy, this program will give you all the tools to run lighter, faster and without the risk of injuries! The program lasts 4 weeks with a 90 min session per week, including one hour of advice and exercises in organized sessions and 30 minutes of group running with progressive walking-running intervals following the transition program.

Developed in collaboration with


This program includes:

  • Personalised analysis of running gait
  • Running injury prevention advice
  • Apecific warm-up program for runners
  • Atrengthening, stabilization and stretching exercises recommended for runners
  • Tips and tools for improving performance

It’s time to find a PhysioTIPS Running program near you!?

As a running lover for a long time, I have experienced my share of injuries over time. Following recurrence of minor injuries, I enrolled in the PhysioTIPS Running Program in the hope of finding some miracle tips.

With good advice and monitoring of the instructor, I re-discovered my favorite sport. In addition to learning a new running technique, I learned several basic tips to reduce the risk of injury.

As a result, I was able to resume training and complete a half marathon in the following weeks. Thank you for all PhysioTIPS! Sign up and you’ll see; PhysioTIPS works so well!

Michel Lefebvre
With the PhysioTIPS Running Program, I improved my running technique to be more effective in during my triathlons, as well as minimize the risk of injury. The analysis made by the teacher allowed me to correct a small biomechanics defect on my leg and my right foot and the exercises helped me to better develop my muscles used for running. I was extremely satisfied with the program and have recommended it to my wife and friends, who love running. Thanks again!
Gilles Gagnon
I followed the “PhysioTIPS Back” and “PhysioTIPS Running” programs. As a triathlete, the combination of two courses and a lot of professional advice allowed me to learn to listen to my body and improve my athletic performance a lot.
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